Joining hands with Beacon of Love, MEGA P&C donates to Shanghai Children's Health Foundation to serve the children with congenital heart disease. Let hope and healing arise in these vulnerable children!

Published Date:2021-05-04

On April 16, a group of international ladies, who have been actively volunteering for the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation, gathered at the Beacon of Love charity dinner to share their desire to expand their philanthropic footprint and give back to the society.

On that night, MEGA P&C, with the commitment to sustainability and healthcare, donated RMB 30,000 to Shanghai Children's Health Foundation; a total of RMB118,888 was raised in the end to pay for the surgical treatments of six children with congenital heart disease. The Chest Hospital medical team and volunteers will visit Yunnan for offer health screening for the children, and the surgical operation will be performed in Shanghai in early June.

Established in 2002, Beacon of Love marks the 19th anniversary of its establishment. Beacon of Love was started by a group mothers (90% foreigners) who lived in China, with the goal to raise funds for surgical treatments for children with congenital heart disease from poor Chinese families. Through the years, Beacon of Love has successfully treated 450 children with congenital heart disease, rekindling hope for them and their families. Although some of the founders have left China and returned to their own countries, their love has made a tremendous impact. Inspired by Beacon of Love, MEGA P&C will continue to support and care for children congenital heart disease. Let hope and healing arise in these vulnerable children!

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