MEGA P&C Donation to "Sending Love" organized by Sowers HK

Published Date:2020-11-01

In 2020, MEGA P&C donated RMB100,000 to Sowers HK, a charity that is committed to promote fair and equal opportunities for the disadvantaged to realize their rights to education in China.  Our donation is specifically for "Sending Love", a program that buys the necessary clothing for kids for this winter in Yunnan which is one of the most unprivileged area in China.  Here is the details for this program.  

Winters have always been treacherous for children in the rural mountain areas.

When our staff returned from a follow up trip from the city of Zhaotong, Yunnan, they reported that children in high altitude mountain areas were wearing only thin clothing in the winter and did not have sufficient or suitable clothing or indoor heating to help combat the extreme cold, and this obviously impacted their ability to learn.

As a result, the "Sending Love" program was launched and has since received enthusiastic support from our society, helping to send warmth to the children in the rural mountain areas.

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